"Learning humility, purity and simple-living from those who don't take too much from the earth...
Targetting the problems of hunger, disease and oppression that sadden their lives...
Inspiring in each other trust, confidence and support for one another..."

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  project name ~ Abhiyan

category ~ community empowerment




  Project Name








community empowerment



Kendrapara, Jajpur and Cuttack




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$ 5000


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  Chapter Coordinators


Srihari Dukkipati
Swati Agiwal


San Diego





Tissue Culture Banana cultivation on Abhiyan Campus





Women from the SHGs have become a strong force to reckon with as is evident from their interactions with the local administration and law enforcement officials. They also command respect in their villages as they have been instrumental in organizing campaigns against social ills. This force needs to be properly utilized to bring about all-round development among the more marginalized communities of the society and that is precisely what this project aims at accomplishing. Volunteers will be trained to monitor the status of maternal and child health with special focus on pregnant women and children under the age of 5 yrs. Commencement of rural enterprises will be encouraged with the money saved through the savings group. Skill training and marketing linkages will be provided for enthusiastic enterpreneurs. Destitute women will be given shelter and they will be trained will skills so they can stand only their own legs. A campaign will also be organized to bring justice to these women through the existing governmental and non-governmental frameworks.

All of these activities are only possible with the availability of strong leadership among the SHG women. Suitable candidates will be identified and their leadership qualities will be honed. In addition, the weekly SHG meetings will act as a vehicle of generating awareness regarding issues of concern to the women, the village and the rural society as a whole.

During past activities of Abhijaan involving organic farming training, around 38 KMs have been formed. These KMs will be setting up seed banks where a portion of the seeds will stored away during each harvest for use in the next harvest. During this proposal, Abhijaan will be providing the KMs with the initial seeds for the seed banks. In addition, the organic farming training will be continued at the 3-acre demonstration farm that Abhijaan will be using to showcase various organic farming and other agricultural techniques. The fertilizers for this farm are made (through various techniques such as composting) from manure from the accompanying demonstration dairy. This is of great importance since the farmers are finding their lands degraded through the extensive use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. 2-3 farmers from each KM will be imparted training on various agricultural techniques.

These activities will be supplemented by the encouragement of home gardening and community kitchen gardening. In addition, new agricultural produce such as mushroom cultivation, honey, etc. will be encouraged in order to increase the income generation capacity of the agricultural activities. Central to these activities is motivating the village youth towards agriculture and agro-based enterpreneurship. This will help reduce the flow of work force from villages to cities, thus strengthening the rural economies.

Finally, sishu manchs (SMs) are being formed with school-going children to educate them on the importance of science and generate awareness towards local environmental issues. Nature clubs will be organized where activities will be undertaken to preserve the local eco-systems.





Update from December 2003 field visit: - Tailoring class in progress - Herbal training 2 phases completed (lot of enthusiasm among class participants) - Demonstration of medicinal/herbal plants on Abhiyan campus - Tissue banana cultivation on Abhiyan campus along with other kitchen garden plants (for demonstration purposes and for revenue generation) - 2 rounds of weighing done in 10 villages - Kisan mela organized before start of Kharif season (very good participation - bullock competition and mela) - relief work for floods





The main motivation of the project is integrated development in the villages of Orissa. A total of 46 villages are covered under this proposal in three districts - Cuttack, Kendrapara and Jajpur. Through its past work in these villages, Abhijaan has successfully started 51 women''''''''s self-help groups (SHGs) and 38 farmer''''''''s groups (also known as krushak mandals - KMs). The intention is to use the existing base of SHG and KM members to further expand developmental activities in these villages. The collective volunteer strength of the SHGs has become quite significant and it is for this reason that several activities are being planned with the SHG members as the central actors. The goal is to empower these women with skills so that they can undertake activities that involve - interventions concentrating on the health of women and children, - bolstering the rural economies, - setting up a support cell for women in distress and - increasing the among saved and disbursed by the group.



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