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  project name ~ Surodi Watershed Development

category ~ rural development and environment




  Project Name


Surodi Watershed Development



Villagers of SurodiVidynan Vahini



rural development and environment







  Budget Proposed


$ 285000


  Budget Approved


$ 6000












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  Chapter Coordinators













The villagers of Surodi have come together to develop thier village in an overall manner. Surodi is in Ahmednagar district in Maharashtra which has very scanty rainfall. Since the main occupation of the villagers is agriculture (however, not water intensive crops) they have proposed this project of watershed development whereby they can c more..





40% of the construction was completed by the villagers by way of "Shramadaan" in 2001-2002 and another 25% was completed in 2003. About 40 mm rainfall in May 2004 has filled 12 out of the 30 bunds constructed so far. There is sufficient collection by the new bunds to give water through the hand pumps.





The main objective of the project is to capture rainwater in the village to recharge the soil, to recharge the wells. This will give the villagers enough water to grow the seasonal crops, which is their main occupation. This is also a novel initiative since no external influence is involved and the labour for building these bunds for harvesting water will be provid more..




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